Tulsa Wild Bunch Martial Arts Academy

Tulsa Wild Bunch Martial Arts Academy

The Tulsa Wild Bunch Martial Arts Academy offers top notch instruction in many forms of martial arts with over thirty years’ experience helping people Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Self-Confident, and Safe!  We teach Tae Kwon Do combined with Goju Ryu, Kali Stick and Dagger training, Boxing, Kick Boxing (American and Muay Thai), Silat, and Jun Fan Kung Fu. Although we encourage our students to attend karate tournaments to learn and gain experience, our classes are focused on preparing you to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones while learning healthy living habits.  We are an Epic Charter School Preferred Vendor and have worked with many homeschooled and charter schooled kids in addition to our public and private schooled children and their parents!

New Beginner and Advanced Classes are Starting Now for Kids and Adults!

Head Instructor Rodney Thompson9th Dan
Phone: (918) 688-0705

Knife Self Defense

Nate and Jessica show their skills at knife self defense as Nate disarms Jessica during their black belt test.

Great Attitude!

Tina showing great attitude in her self defense demonstration during her blue belt test.

Promotion Test

Some of the Wild Bunch's Finest testing for their rank at our twice a year group promotions test.